Hermanos López Professionelles TanzCenter GmbH

Flamenco & Danza Española Education

The profesional dance programmes “Danza Española” and “Flamenco” of the Spanish dance association APDE were developed in cooperation with renowned dancers and teachers in order to meet all the requirements of the current Danza Española and Flamenco scene. Students who have completed these courses with us have had great success:

– 5th place Certamen internacional ciutat de Barcelona (Spain).
– Winner of the small Prix Walo, dance category (Switzerland)
– Premio “Senovilla” Concurso int. de Flamenco Puro Torino (Italy)
– Premio “Conservatorio Superior Madrid” Concurso int. de Flamenco Puro Torino (Italy)
– 1st prize Concurso int. de Flamenco puro Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)
– 3rd prize Concurso int. Flamenco puro Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)
– Premio Especial “Centro de baile Jerez” Concurso int. Flamenco puro Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)
– Entrance to the Conservatorio Superior de Danza “Maria de Avila” Madrid (CSDMA is currently integrated into the General Directorate of Universities and Higher Artistic Education of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Municipality of Madrid and embedded in the new European Higher Education Area. It offers higher dance studies at diploma level in both disciplines (pedagogy and choreography and interpretation), as well as future doctoral studies and masters for specialisation in arts and research in collaboration with different universities.
– Training as a dance teacher in the field of Danza Española/Flamenco at our school.

Thanks to our excellent partner schools and sports schools, students can optimally combine the high training workload at our dance school with their school education/teaching:

Talent Campus Winterthur from 5th grade to senior high school
Swiss Academy Zurich International Matura A-Levels
Kunst und Sportgymnasium Rämibühl (K+S Rämibühl) Zurich

Sport Academy Zurich KV with BMS or without BMS
Our partnership with the Sport Academy Zurich allows our dancers to combine their passion and the great training effort with a top-serious professional education (KV). The Sport Academy is a quality school and cooperates with the official KV (Commercial formation of the Canton of Zurich (main building at Escher-Wyss-Platz). The training is extended by one year so that the high training expenditure can be made possible for four years.

In order to be able to take the entrance examinations at these schools, students must first audition at the Danse Suisse on the Talentscounting Days.
The prerequisite for admission is a positive talent assessment and passing the entrance examination.



Since 2013, the Hermanos López Dance Centre has been offering flamenco training from the “Asociacion de profesores de Danza Española” (APDE) (a dance course awarded by the Catedra de Flamencologia Jerez de la Frontera). This training plan consists of five exams in which the most important dance styles of flamenco such as soleares, seguiriyas, tarantos, farruca, caña, bulerias etc. are tested. In the more advanced levels, these must also be demonstrated with flamenco-specific accessories such as manton, castanets, bata de cola or garrote. In the theoretical part of the exam, the knowledge about the origin of flamenco, cantes, rhythms, biographies of great artists etc. is tested. The exam is in Spanish.




Danza Española

In 2005 the Hermanos Lopez TanzCenter introduced the professional training in danza española, with final exams in Madrid. Since 2009 the exams are held in the TanzCenter itself. For the exam three jury members, a pianist, a guitarist and a singer come from Spain to Switzerland. The dance studies are based on the curriculum of official training centres in Spain. The dance styles that are tested are ballet, escuela bolera, danzas regionales, danza estilizada and flamenco. The entire training consists of seven exams:

  • four levels “Grado Elemental”
  • three levels “Grado Medio o Profesional”


Dancing with passion.