Hermanos López Professionelles TanzCenter GmbH

Courses for Children

Dance Lessons for Three-year Olds and Older

From the very first lesson, the children immerse themselves into the world of dance. Elegance & harmony, power and passion. Dancing is so much more than just moving to a rhythm. Our children’s courses consist of ballet and flamenco. Ballet trains the fine coordination, stretching, and posture. In addition, flamenco promotes musicality, the sense of rhythm, and the “expression” (interpretation) of the music.




Special Exams for Children Aged six and Older

If children train towards a goal and notice their own progress, it increases their motivation, joy, and self-esteem. These characteristics are of great importance for children and adolescents.

  • Junior one from six years onwards
  • Junior two from seven years onwards
  • Preparatory one from eight years onwards
  • Preparatory two from nine years onwards

Following these courses, it is possible to complete the Grado Elementary of APDE. (see professional training)


Dancing is good for body and soul.