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Yes to Dance and Health under COVID-19

In the political debate, it is forgotten that the most important actor in the fight against the coronavirus is the human immune system.

In order to strengthen the immune system and at the same time minimise the risk of uncontrolled spread of SARS-CoV-2, protected spaces for movement and encounter are needed. These are characterised by the fact that the quality and not the quantity of personal contacts is in the foreground and that a protection concept is in place.

We therefore demand dispositions instead of restrictions – dancing should be explicitly desired under the following conditions:

1. compliance with the framework requirements for sport

2. instruction of lessons by experienced dance teachers or training in consistent groups

3. individual design of lessons instead of performance targets (adaptation of training content, duration and intensity)

Among the health-promoting activities, dancing enjoys great popularity among almost one million Swiss people, and the member dance schools of the Swiss Dance Association (TVS) make a significant contribution to public health with their commitment of over 5,000 lessons with over 60,000 participants per week.

In order to maintain these structures, it is necessary for the Confederation and the cantons to support the dance schools with targeted financial contributions.


Especially in today’s exceptional situation, it is urgently necessary to actively promote activities that strengthen the immune system and increase mental resilience.

Dancing has a positive effect on the immune system, both physically and psychologically! Scientific studies prove the positive immunological effects of regular and moderate exercise. Furthermore, dancing has proven to be a suitable form of exercise to reduce stress and to strengthen the sense of identity and community.

Dance schools offer optimal framework conditions for protected movement and encounter spaces where the risk of transmission can be minimised. Course, class and training activities take place in an orderly setting guided by a professional teacher, with absolute priority given to compliance with protection concepts since the beginning of the exceptional situation.

No one knows how long the state of emergency will last: We want to preserve the Swiss dance scene in its cultural and sporting diversity and at the same time fulfil our social responsibility. You too can stand up for protected spaces for movement and encounters in dance and support our cause to preserve the diversity of the dance scene.

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Thank you very much for your support, TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS from Dietlikon