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Already with Four Years Old in the Spotlight of Flamenco.

The passion of the siblings Leonor and Marcos López has been dancing since their earliest childhood. They began dancing when they were four and eight years old, respectively, at events organized by Spanish clubs. Just one year later, they attended the flamenco school of Angelines Galvan in Arbon, an hour’s drive away. Under the artistic name “Hermanos López” numerous, large appearances on Swiss and Spanish television as well as in Switzerland, Germany and Spain followed. After more than 10 years on the stages, they began with the deepened flamenco and spanish dance training in Madrid with the renowned dancer Carmen Concha Tucceri “Minerva”. This was followed by many more training and education in various fields. Thus they laid the foundation for an impressive career, which was rounded off with the opening of their own dance school “Hermanos López” in 1999.

In their dance classes, it is important to the two Madrid-trained dancers and dance teachers to individually address the strengths and weaknesses of each student. They are always continuing their education and thus lead their students to success with dancing skills and pedagogical expertise.


Important excerpts from their curriculum vitae

  • Successful national as well as international performances e.g. on Swiss and Spanish television with international artists such as Richard Clayderman, Bonnie Tyler, Pepe Lienhard Band etc. as well as for the Spanish Consulate.
  • 1992 1st prize international dance competition (jury and audience award), Germany.
  • Parallel to dancing, Leonor completed a commercial apprenticeship (UBS – Human Resources) and Marcos an apprenticeship as audio-video electronics technician (Sharp Electronics) and successfully finished the vocational high school.
  • Flamenco and Danza Española dance training with Carmen Concha Tucceri “Minerva” in Madrid
  • 1999 Opening of the own dance school “Hermanos López” in Embrach
  • Various trainings with great artists for Flamenco, Escuela Bolera, Danza Estilizada, Contemporary and Ballet (Rafaela Carrasco, Domingo Ortega, Güito, Paco Romero, Elvira Andres, Pilar Azorin, Eloy Pericet, Paloma Gomez, Raquel Gomez, Raquel Merlo, Antonio Calero)
  • 2004 Foundation of the own dance ensemble “Ballet Flamenco Hermanos López 
  • Reception in Lausanne of the Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia on the occasion of their visit to Switzerland.
  • Award “Best Choreography” at the international “Flamenco puro” competition in Italy

Passion and dedication.


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